The media just loves a bit of Children of Men-style fearmongering. I came on here to write about the articles that keep appearing lately with titles like:

Do childless leaders mean the death of Europe?”

Then the sun came out, which is rare in Ireland, and I thought I’d write about my trip to Paris instead.

I can confirm that Europe is alive and full of young people with selfie sticks walking backwards.

Here are some Fabulous Beasts – you will find them up the towers at Notre-Dame.

Master DSCF9086

Relaxed monkey-beast just chilling on the terrace:

Master DNG TEST_4

Notre-Dame and Île de la Cité from the back:

Master no grad DNG TEST_1

Guardians of the city:


This creature is my fave; reminds me of Ghostbusters (the 1980s one):

Master DNG TEST_14

Upright weirdness:

Master dark DSCF9087

The hyenas. But they’ve put up so much irritating protective net that it’s impossible to get the iconic picture of them that you see on guide book covers: 




It’s supposed to be one of the best views in Paris. With better light conditions, maybe:

Master DSCF9108_edited-1

So many gargoyles:

Master DSCF9066

It’s €10 to go up the tower. You pay on your way up. It opens at 10:00am but the queue is already about twenty-people long by 9:00am (in May). Sunny conditions are best; it was too cloudy when I went. You’ll need a longish zoom: I took a 10-24mm and it wasn’t great. There is annoying net everywhere and you have to poke your lens through the small holes that have been cut in it. It’s crowded and chaotic but you don’t get rushed out. Who doesn’t love a gargoyle?

I’ll definitely be back with childfree stuff later. In a way this is childfree stuff: it wouldn’t have been much fun queuing for an hour and then dragging a kid up there, I suppose.