There are times when I wonder what the point of Christmas is. I was feeling so jaded with it the other day that I did start believing it must be enhanced by having children around, just so you can absorb some of their famous wonderment and joy. Frazzled parents might beg to differ, but I imagine they wouldn’t give up their offspring for the season (maybe just for one of those evenings that some of them like to call ‘childfree’).

Then I remind myself that it’s really ‘Yule’, and it’s for everyone; it didn’t start off being all about the children. It’s an ancient celebration of light, probably created to alleviate the misery of the winter solstice. December is dark and oppressive for many people: Yule was supposed to bring in some fire and colour; a celebration of the days starting to lengthen again.

So I’m going to say Happy Yuletide, whoever you’re with or not with, and wherever you are; see you on the other side.