So I just received the above meme in a direct message from a very good friend of mine, a stay-at-home mum of two.

This friend sent me flowers when I had IVF and she’s one of only three people I discussed my situation with at the time.

We’re in touch every single day and I love that. I always answer back straight away. But I honestly didn’t know what to write in response to this. It felt odd and irrelevant.

I get the meme, of course I do; kids can be tedious. I don’t want to sound like a humourless bastard. But it’s so far removed from my own experience that I felt genuinely awkward trying to fashion a response, and some weird feelings arose. The mention of Mother’s Day felt a bit distasteful (mine died young, and I’m not one, obviously). And is it Mother’s Day? Er, no. I just felt bemused.

I responded with something innocuous like ‘Ha yeah annoying.

But I thought afterwards, why reply at all? I’d never send an irritating husband meme to my friend who’s been single for two decades, or an office-life-is-shit meme to the one who was sacked at 45. It wouldn’t feel right, however ‘ok’ I think they are.

I really value this old friend, and I understand that she’s just trying to communicate her own experience to me. However, that’s definitely one to save for the other mums. Know your audience.