A quick update on Italy’s Fertility Day, in case anyone missed the latest farce in the press.

The following tweet basically summarises the Italian government’s most recent faux pas over the event, which actually took place yesterday (accompanied by protests in the capital):


The latest highly-publicised piece of advertising for the campaign, which appeared as the cover of a widely-circulated booklet, was a picture of two halves.

The top section was a stock image of two very white couples engaged in some vaguely wholesome, sporty activity, whilst the shadowy lower half showed a black individual (as well as the back of an apparently dreadlocked head)  amongst a group of people taking drugs.

The first caption reads (more or less) ‘Pursue good habits‘; the second one reads, ‘Abandon bad company‘. Then, by way of explanation, ‘Correct lifestyles for the prevention of sterility and infertility‘.


Nothing more to say, really, apart from: Oh Italy! Sort it out.