One for the season, and in the hopes that someone somewhere might add to my wintry songs list.

Different Shores

I used to reject Christmas for various reasons but part of my rehabilitation back into the festive spirit involved wintry music. I have a playlist that I only allow myself to listen to after Halloween, and it makes those difficult months November and December a lot more twinkly.


Winter songs should meet certain criteria. They are often sad, bittersweet and melancholy: evoking the chill and darkness of winter. But they are also magical and poignant, not miserable. They suit fairy lights, dark rooms and snowstorms. My current winter songs are below.


1. Winter Song by The Head and the Heart. Sad, hopeful, hopeless.

2. Goodbye England (Covered In Snow) by Laura Marling

We will keep you, 

We will keep you, little one, 

Safe from harm, like an extra arm,

You are a part of us.

3. Sun-kissed Snow by Scala & Kolacny Brothers. All their December stuff is magical:

4. Snowfallby 

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