Once you get the hang of making this very simple flour-and-water batter, you can use it for pizza bases, pancakes and even pasta, apparently (watch this space).

Chickpea flour, known as gram flour, garbanzo bean flour or besan, is gluten-free. If you can’t find it in the supermarket (bloody Tesco seems to have stopped selling it), any Asian grocery store will have it. It’s cheap.

I do love a white, floury wrap. But if you’re avoiding wheat and gluten, this is a good, filling substitute.

I only make ‘recipes’ that require haphazard measuring, no brainpower and very few ingredients. And that’s what this is!

EASY Gluten-free, Chickpea Flour Wraps

For each person:

  • Approx 100g gram flour to 100ml cold water
  • 1 – 2 tbsp oil for frying

Your choice of filling (I fry onions, add a tin of Lidl Mixed Beans, add Lidl Pesto Rosso and mash it up a bit to make a kind of burrito filling. Grate cheese over it).

Filling DSC07324

Possible filling: Lidl cheapies (gluten content of pesto unknown).

  1. Mix the sieved gram flour with the water using an egg beater so there are no lumps. Add more water as desired – the consistency should be like pancake batter. Season with salt and any herbs or spices you fancy (smoked paprika, chili powder etc).
  1. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan. When it’s hot, pour in the batter. Now let it fry for about six minutes – when it starts to peel away from the edges, it’s time to flip it.

Pic 1 DSCF6069

Flip it when it peels away from the pan easily

Pic 2 DSCF6071

3. Remove from pan and add your filling:

Pic 3 DSCF6073

4. Roll into a wrap and cut into halves; fry them again to seal them and melt your filling.


Pic 5 DSCF6082

5. Now serve.


Gram flour can taste of nutty chick peas (obviously) so season the batter liberally with anything from crushed fennel seeds to tandoori spices.

Hope you enjoy!