When I’m on Twitter I often run a search for #IVF or #infertility to see what the latest news is in that arena. I often come across fertility clinics and infertility support pages that post up things like this:


And this stupidly oxymoronic one:


And these vaguely sinister ones:

Where to start?

I usually just ignore memes but in the context of trying desperately to conceive I find most of these fairly offensive. People need reassuring that it’s fine to stop low-chance, debilitating, expensive treatment if they feel that they would have a better quality of life without it.

You do not “fail” when you stop trying to get pregnant. You just stop. Einstein was talking about something else, I’m pretty sure about that.

I stopped trying relatively early, and I have NEVER, EVER regretted not continuing to chug on with IVF. I hope that’s more inspirational than these horseshit memes.