Tesco Ireland’s new billboard ads are currently all over Dublin.

Mussolini would definitely approve of them.

As part of the campaign they are trying to get this hashtag to trend on Twitter, by tagging all their recipes and offers with it.


You might think that they would include some “alternative families” and try to acknowledge singletons and those without any family in some way (in the last census, 44% of people aged 30-39 identified as single, and in a 2014 study Irish women had the third-highest rate of childlessness in the developed world).

But Tesco have decided to make parents and children the main focus of the campaign.

According to their slushy TV advert, a ‘family’ starts with:

…a belly that miraculously grew…

It’s stretch marks and growing pains, pencilled lines up door frames…

Capture f
A pregnant woman. Tesco thinks she is “better” than you

If #FamilyMakesUsBetter, does that mean #NoFamilyMakesUsWorse?

The advert concludes:

Just look at how much more we live life when life is filled with family

Their advert includes a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it clip of Dublin Pride, in which two girls embrace ambiguously and fairly chastely.

Literally lip service.

It’s the only (very oblique) nod to “alternative families” that I can see in the campaign. Apart from that it’s as traditional as they come.

Must try harder, Tesco Ireland.