I always knew IKEA was the ninth circle of hell for the unhappily childless on a Saturday afternoon, when you can’t see your meatballs for all the pregnant bellies and kids in slings. Their TV adverts admirably celebrate the family in all its forms (when I say admirably, I occasionally mean vomitously). However, they’ve surpassed themselves with their latest promotion, which invites women to urinate on a page to find out if they are pregnant:


IKEA aggressively target parents-to-be and families but this is … bleurgh.

I know plenty of single people who buy their furniture in droves because it’s decent and cheap: this kind of thing surely can’t feel very inclusive. Hopefully it’s restricted to Sweden (how well would it go down in the UK or the US? I’m guessing Ireland might love it).

I’m off to see what Twitter has to say about it.